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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Vietmam (Botch)

Our boys need something to rape, I want to taste you today, like kids kissing I've lost all sympathy, only living for me, preservation We need smoething to break, I want something to break Those words weren't meant to escape, but they do anyway, I hate the others So show me your strength Explaining changes nothing "Chocolates only so much shit, floating out of the snake, to the see..." And I'll take their fate, and I bet no one will care So sink in your tusks, mighty walrus Take what's yours, Walrus's of the night, take your prey, with tusks bared in the burning light, Take their life and rob me. "Ever think the world is just one big blubbery walrus ready to sink it's ivory tusks into you? Me too."