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We'll Always Have Paris (Caesar Daniel)

Okay, okay, it's 3 am, I'm drunk as shit I'm still in love I call you up sit on this I know I'm terrible and you don't need all this But you should love me too, forget these politics Now in my dreams I'm in the east Fuck you, I'm Humphrey Bogart You're Miss Bergman and life is scored like God is Wolfgang Mozart Never forget the times we had, those times I'll always cherish Those times are gone but that's okay cause we'll always have Paris We'll always have Paris You must remember this A kiss is just a kiss A sigh is just is just a sigh The fundamental things apply, as time goes by Woke up in Paris Now it's occupied By Nazis and terrorists Its time that we fly Back to the motherland Gestapo have them guns in hand Back to the motherland Gestapo have them motherfucking guns in hand We'll always have Paris So passive aggressive, always masking aggression, I was at your discretion I send you flowers in hours, 'been planning my hours dressing I'm borderline obsessing, how I'm your new obsession? You're in my session, we're blowing time, and we smoke a session Your man is never mentioned, although he always texting You feel inclined sometimes, but never find the time to text him I think he got the message, know how your lies affect him I provide a Paris... Huh, Paris in the morning, for appointments, but that's ordinary nigga Hey babe if you're so bad why you be fucking all these ordinary niggas? They tryna hold you back I'm on a wave I'm tryna put you on Yeah, your boy done been on fire, I'm on a wave I'm tryna put you Oh yeah... Paris