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Bike (Queensberry)

It's not a cat-fight (2x) Silly of me to think that You would always stay with me Yes I guess that some things change At least gotta learn and let go and turn the pages Sometimes I see the way you’re changing The truth about it, yes is that you’re rangeing So how you’re gonna tell me when you don’t know You tell me that you love me but you got a hoe I see you on the street talking on the phone She’s walking up behind you Won't you throw the dog a bone? Showing off her curves She's getting on the nerves She carries on like that She's gonna get what she deserves I love you But I hate her I hate her ‘cause she loves you And I can't take it when She holds you Just like I used to So I’m gonna tell you what I’m gonna do Old times I reminisce I thought you were the one from the first kiss You used to love me So why the hell you hold her like that you never did me Oh yes I'm thinking it back How she said she was my friend but she was burning the sack Bitch! – Ass! – Hore! Now I think you’d better go If you're liking what you got why you cutting me the look. You're so predictable I can read you like a book. Spreads like butter but not on my bread. The way she puts it round it's like she's never been fed I'm a gonna sneak up on her tonight Give her a little... Let her know what's right. Everybody knows she's the local bike. She keeps on ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing and ah ah ah