Rainbows (The Moldy Peaches)

You gotta have rain to have a rainbow You gotta have dick To have a dick in your mouth You gotta skin a rich kid to wear a rich kid suit And you've gotta know by now I think you're cute The problem with kids today is they're Always thinkin' bout getting laid When they should just play some games Like stick the dick in the hole And you wanna know something grand? The other night I met a guy named Chad And he liked doing other things Like playing hockey YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH NO And I hear you got a digeridoo And ah a (????) too Why don't you come over and jam? Hey remember that time you fucked the jelly? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! NO! Then came two Me and you You and me And we're standing on our feet Then came she Then came he They were we Now we're flyin' on our wings Into the night We took our might Black or white With the power of our dreams, the power of our dreams Gotta crack a few eggs to make an omelet She takes her coffee with a cigarette She misses people she hasn't even met She is me and you are listening to me sing And you've got to want to fuck me And you've gotta want to tickle my peeney And you've gotta want to rub my vagiiineeeey Hey, after this who wants to go shit in a condom with me? If you fuckin' do, say Cha cha cha. AUDIENCE: CHA CHA CHA ADAM AND KIMYA: Imperial Margarine- because we like it.