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Through These Eyes (Lynch Mob)

Morning comes too soon Another day unfolds and the rains are cold That fall on you I wanna tell you But I can't seem to get it Can't seem to get it right Oh, it's killing me I realize that it cuts me deep inside When I can feel in my soul This empty whole you took from me Cause on and on You keep tellin' me the things that make you smile If I could hold you somehow And show you now That the tears in vain will never ease the pain Oh, I, I can only see As far as you You're never to far away Oh my eyes can only see What I feel for you I could fly the heavens Although the distance may be far I'm just one dream away And the tears will say That there's no turning back Quiet in my thoughts Safe within myself I reach out to a time When you laid by my side And oh how it felt so right Don't you even worry now Through these eyes