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Are You Alone Fam (K Koke)

Yeah, yeah are you home fam Shit, you're on the roads damn Yeah, yeah are you home fam Remember when we used to chill and smoke weed I was a youngin, used to think you was an OG When it was beef we used to dress in black and load heat Tryin to make it through the rain on these cold streets You know the road, you know the code, you know you don't speak But you told and ratted on your co-ds So for that you forget that you know me You will never have a home back in Stone B We don't condone in that, we don't condone in rats Nah nope there'll never be a home for that Matter of fact pussy hold ya strap go and blow your own brains on ya lap Rat-tat pussy tat-tat pussy, straps back pussy Cause you got caught up in the rat-trap pussy So on the real we don't feel for snakes We ride birds we don't deal with jakes and that's that pussy Are you alone fam? Yeah you're on ya own dan Are you home fam? Shit you're on the road damn Are you alone fam? Yeah ya on your own Dan Are you home fam? Shit you're on the road damn The party's over you don't look so good You turned snitch, now you don't look so hood You turned bitch you probably should take wood You're cutie you're life should get took I'm too street for ya half way crooks Get guilty and try and pass they book Spill beans cause their ass is shook Real Gs go and read that book Ya feel me snitch, ediot poof Grass the gun blast cause you speak on the hood Raar the gun blast blast cause you speak on ya ends How could you even go and speak on ya friends You're a prick fam, click bang bet they keep on ya tens Run hide better keep from the ends Dumb guy we can't reason again Dumb lies got you leaving the pen You're a snitch cause ya speaking to them I can't lie can't even pretend It's click clack when I see you with skengz You get napped if we see you in ends Fuck spider, police bwoy, you hear that fuck spider!