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My Bitch (K Koke)

The first day I met my hoe Never felt better bro made my dick hard In the park it's where I let her blow I let her know she's the one that I love Got her in the roads by my side in the clubs It's love and I new it frm the start I never feel safe when me and her apart like Rahh she really got me sprung She got me cooking beef And you know she's having some My Mom don't like her she can't stay in my drum If I was without her my life would be done Plus she helps me eat When I'm in need of some fun ting She's the main reason I'm the G I've become She goes hood to hood she's well known in the slums I love her and I need her so I squeeze her for fun U know it cuts me deep whenever she is gone You need a girl like mine if you live where I'm from I like the strong hoes pretty with a long nose She gets ritty always with me when I'm on road So I like to spoil her rub her down and oil her She dnt fuk with punks cause they seem to avoid her Shes thugish she only fuks with thugs She dnt want my DNA So wen we fuk I wear my gloves like Trus shes mine and I'm proud I have the type of girl that will have your head up in the cloud I love it wen we bang bang I make her scream loud She goes round after round she makes sound after sound I can beat her standing up or lying on the ground There's always excitement whenever she's around For her I'm a feel if u know what I mean Before we hit the road she likes to roll in my jeans Likes the roll with the ting pretty little fing Likes to roll for the creeps Check this when shes gone I get restless Cause I need her and I want a new necklace And she gets me wat I want no exceptions No ain't a answer fam I dnt take rejections She wernt there for me so I started cheating With this girl that's 38 on the weekends She called me a cheater so I beat her up Now she calls me wife peter shits gettin deeper She made the feds want me but I still can't leave her Cause she alwaisz got my back wen I need her They're ain't none realer shes alwaisz there for me She never gives me stress so she must care for me She treats me good keeps her nose by my wood I never let a man tek my bitch if he could My bitch goes click clack bang in the hood Yh my bitch goes click clack bang in the hood