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My Note (K Koke)

If I wrote a note to God Poured my heart out on each page I'd pour heart out on each page I'd ask for peace to mend this World I'd say, I'd say I say, all the hate to be swept away for love Through all the flow If I wrote a note to God What would I tell him, huh, I'd tell him nuff, I'd tell him that I've had enough I'd tell him that I'm mad that I'm bagging up, Why'd I have to sell grams and let a 'matic bust, Why'd I have to stick mans for their grands & stuff, Why'd I had to click bang on the man and duss I'm stuck out on the road with no one to trust, I'd ask for forgiveness & ask for love, I'd tell em that it's real out here, I've got a princess to think about, to feed out here And they wanna leave me dead on the streets, I swear All this on my head, this shit seems unfair And I'd tell him that my hearts turned cold Please forgive me though, don't harm my soul Please guide me through the path I chose, I had no choice, cause it's the life I know I'd tell em that I'm sorry Please make space for me Cause in my dream I'm seeing reef's with my name on it Memories of my queen, her dads promised It's that horrid And I'd tell em that I'm mad from it, It's killing me secretly if I am modest Recently I can't sleep if I am honest, They're testing me, they want to see if I am on it And I'd tell em that I love my mom And if there's beef on the road than I'd bust my -gun-, It's peak on the roads, you get loved by some Hated by most, the good die young, And I tell em I aint never been scared, See the look in my eyes, they will never see fear Take a look at my life, see the devils been here, I'll fight to the death, I'm forever prepared