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Album Number Two (Joey + Rory)

This last year's been a whirlwind, But we're doing well we're told, Been up and down the highway, And on the radio We sold a lot of our first record, We even had a hit Now the big wigs back in Nashville Say we better kick it up a bit The critics all are waiting, To see what we will do For much anticipated album number two. Some say to go more country, Some say we should turn pop They've all got their opinions, On how to take us to the top Our new image consultant, Says we need a fresh hairdo, As if that's gonna make Or break album number two The critics all are waiting, To see if we come through, So much contemplating for album number two. Now you might think we're crazy, But is it really all that hard, Just cut some songs that move you And sing them from the heart But if we are mistaken, And our career is through We'll bid our fans a fine farewell With album number two The Critics all are waiting, But it's really up to you We'd sure appreciate it If you bought album number two, They say it's either sink or swim With album number two