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Boots (Joey + Rory)

Started out just nails and leather Built to last and made for weather Can't think of nothin' better, than what I'm wearin' on my feet They make me taller than I really am Ain't nothing they can't withstand a symbol o the workin' man and old cowgirls like me Chorus: Boots are made for sawdust floors Stirrups on a quarterhorse To kick yourself when ya been a fool Climbin' up on barstools Two-steppin' under neon lights Ain't too bad in a barroom fight And kickin' open swingin' doors That's what boots are for Been resoled a dozen times Crushed some cans and soaked some wine Aww but that’s what makes them shine, they’re a part of me They’ve seen lovers come and go til we met the right pair at the rodeo oh that’s just the way love goes some things are meant to be Repeat Chorus Kickin' off when you're tired and sore That's what boots are for