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The Horse Nobody Could Ride (Joey + Rory)

She was a wild young mustang, no bridle, no reigns, Full of fire and spirit inside. The last of a rare breed, born to run free, The horse nobody could ride. A hundred young takers all tried to break her, Their stories were told far and wide, Sure as the wind blown, each cowboy got thrown by the Horse nobody could ride Then down, out of Cheyenne, came a quiet and shy man, Dared to try something that no man had tried, We sat down in the warm sun, a hundred yards away from, The horse nobody could ride For a while she ignored him, Then she moved in toward him, And circled and stood by his side, Then he whispered I won't hurt you Then he reached out his hand to, The Horse nobody could ride As he stood up and walked round, She lowered her head down, Then softly upon her bare back he did slide And with all of her fear gone, The cowboy rode off on, The horse nobody could ride The horse nobody could ride