Lincoln's Train (Resurrection Band)

Passin' through these ruins Mr Lincoln's train goin' by Spilling smoke into these bloody fields All the people stood and cried Our tears are the same color We can all hold hands and mourn But me, I'm still asking myself Why I'm not any freer than I was before Mr Lincoln are you free now? Was it worth what it finally cost? If I had somethin to believe in I could bear this endless cross I got no home, they sold my family I got no job, ain't got no vote Them books they're all mysteries to me Can't read or write, I got no hope The train it just keeps rollin' Cold as steel and dark as night It don't give me no answers, no No, it don't pay me no mind And the scenery just keeps changin' But these folks, they just stay the same Same old fearful eyes a starin' Askin' me to take the blame For their shame, for their shame