Numbers (Resurrection Band)

I'm the one with the stare who talks to himself I live in a chair I'm put on the shelf I'm an ugly picture in a twisted frame Do you recognize me? Do you know my name? Got myself a room and a medicine man But what I'd give just to find a friend They pass me by when I'm on the street They look the other way, afraid of the freak I got discharged in '71 From a Georgia town to communist gun Lost my woman and landed in jail Number ten six eleven couldn't pay his bail Painted by numbers black is ten Brown says change my address again Painted by numbers keepin' the code Green and red says overload Painted by numbers statistical slot Halfway crazy and halfway not Painted by numbers in a gentle land Left to find dinner in a garbage can Hit the street then hit the wall Pills can't catch you when you fall Accidents happen do people too? Painted by numbers black and blue Color by numbers left to chance Love expressed in a Thorazine dance Painted by nubers where we fall Subtract my soul, divide us all