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Right On Time (Resurrection Band)

Your love was right on time I remember when I was young Swayed in the grass of an autumn sun I'd feel the wind upon my face Before it blew to another place But I've grown older since the magic of those days Forgotten how the breezes make the meadows play Your love was right on time Somethin' tells me I'm not alone Travellin' down this lonesome road I feel sometimes that I could cry Not knowin' the reasons why Then He told me I was losin' all control Then He told me I could lose my very soul I knew I could not make it on my own Then you came along and made me whole Your love was right on time Seasons passin' as they will Fields are mown and the ground lies still Now in sorrow it comes to mind Left more than youth and fields behind Now in mercy it comes to mind Your love was right on time