Souls For Hire (Resurrection Band)

You toy with the truth You dilute with water You hate your wife But you say you love your daughter Envision if you will A world on fire It's a flaming sin We're sold for hire You get what you pay for A jack of all trades A fish full of small change A host of charades Philosophies drifting To please every whim It only depends On the mood you're in You learn toward religion You secularize Don't feed me excuses They're nothing but lies The time that you're wasting Is precious to Him Truth is you don't confront sin Like a magician With rabbit in hand A wand of ideas At your command Some will be fooled And believe what you say But God will be the last To speak on that day Leave or be left That's what it says Be loved if you want Or lost if you don't Don't blame the preacher Don't blame the school Don't blame conditions Don't be a fool If you live in darkness It's you that decides An' it won't freeze over No matter the time