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Darkside (Stone Rosetta)

Bless me with patience Throw forth with all your strength to me And lend me your hand. In this hour take me safely For my time is near I look down upon this empty land It's like crystal here So warm, so pure, so calm, so clear As we take the path We shudder inside. No turning back Have we gone to far No guiding light as we venture on through the mist The Darkside... Passing over to another time Another place. You can never be mine I can't believe in fate. No truth in what you say to me Fabricate your reality You burn me out... And physical pain dissolves away I can't see how You can be afraid of the words they said If your thoughts allow. To take faith in what is done And don't try to change this It'll feel clearer then. This torchlight through the mist There's none so blind as will not see.