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They Don't Play Our Lovesong Anymore (Meyer Anita)

Once we used to sing along in perfect harmony to a song that used to sell well in our days Everyone who heard that song would sing that melody Yet it's funny how the time has slipped away I haven't heard it for a while, correct me if I'm wrong But it's been ages since I've heard that song They don't play our lovesong anymore No-one in the world will sing the parts to that score and it's bringing me down 'cause the love we once found is gone. They play a diff'rent lovesong now And as we talked it over we kept thinking of that song and the way we used to dance when it would play, we'd been growing older, staying home nights far too long so we tried the places where the band still played I walked up to the man who sang the song I loved so well and he laughed and told me, man it wouldn't sell I'm sorry to tell you but... We don't play that lovesong anymore and no one in the band will play the parts to that score 'cause the beat goes out of time and the words they don't seem to rhyme anymore They don't play our lovesong anymore though it worked for a while, seems that song is out of style like our love, just like our love 'cause they don't play our lovesong anymore