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Trophy Room (City Lights)

Well she starts with her eyes When she sets her trap As she carefully surveys the room Looking for the most pathetic of boys To destroy with her hips And her innocent face And you try to get a read on her But she hides everything So you won't see what she could do I dodged a bullet again That was a close one Almost fell for her trap But I will live to tell about it I may have escaped today But she'll never give up 'Til she's got my insides Hanging in her trophy room She uses her legs You use your imagination Wondering what could be underneath Her perfect smile And the way she pretends That she doesn't know What she is up to And you try to get a hold of her But she's not answering And you're afraid of what she might do And at the end of the day She knows that I'll still be there No matter how bad it hurts I just can't shake my feelings She'll do anything To make sure that she isn't the one Who lets her guard down And gets her heart broken