Amen For My Friends (Crystal Bowersox)

I don't deserve your kindness Don't know why you came for me Taking it all and 'this is building up inside of me 'Cause tragedy comes in waves and tides Climb upon this boat and ride Saying a prayer tonight for the good in my life And I said amen for my friends Amen for my friends, say amen I've been down, I've been out in the wind I've been on my knees begging for some kind of peace People come, people go Though things fall short, if I'll need you, you'll be there, I know Say amen for my friends, Amen for my friends, say amen I don't know where I'll be now Somewhere in the lost and found Simple kindness, we have some 'Cause know I found it fully grown Past the seas, upon the wind Rising tides again I know you're out there somewhere Even though we're far apart Yes, I can feel you with me I carry you inside my heart Like a moment in my light You're never really gone And everything I do You're the melody when I sing this song I said amen for my friends Amen for my friends, I say amen I say amen, amen for my friends I said amen, amen