Ridin With The Radio (Crystal Bowersox)

Whatever happened... Oh to good ol' Rock n Roll Whatever became of... mmmm.. Rhythm n Blues n Soul I'll do what it takes now... cause I just wanna make your mind feel good (Cause) the .. that they play now... Oh it just don't feel like it should So open your heart Open your mind Turn down the hate Turn up the kind Give me some shelter Show me some love Let's get together (cause) One is not enough If you wanna sing a song ya' just sing it We ain't writing for the radio You wanna bring a friend you just bring 'em Then we can sing it in stereo You wanna sing a song sing a song sing a song Ooh just sing it Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah I know I see kindness... mmm... when I look into your eyes Why you try to hide it... oh Honey just let your love light shine Get back to the roots now... of these rhythm and harmonies and just love love love love love love!