Hairpool (Defiance Ohio)

I'll tell you in street intersections Cause they give you a place to go Meanings to lines on maps And tell you how you're gonna get home Now I'm back here in the Midwest Where everything's familiar and sincere Everything's external Nothing just happens to you here In between coasts Looking for what it was you lost on 2nd Street Not what it was on Washington And you let it go, you let it go, you let it go And you jump into that pool undone We're still in town Isn't that fun, yeah, isn't that fun? Now I know there's been some hard times And I don't mean you and me You're over-believing, back to forgetting And you're turning on TV What you see just makes you numb And the headlines all become a blur The years and the lives scroll by Bottom of that screen like desert sand And we're entrenched in a mess, embedded in our beds, Sleeping in What I wouldn't give to want to live like I once did Looking for what it was you lost on 2nd Street Staring through the windows of my friends And I can see all their loveliness Imagining all clocks and dreams and thin clouds over Their heads And we're waiting for the hesitation to end This town is way too small to ever need the bus So meet me at the pool that they keep unlocked all Night For us