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Just Maybe (Schneider Max)

I live on the west side, In this quiet little loft. 5000 square feet, Maybe little's a little off. But it's still cozy, Having parties all the time. Friends waiting in line to get in. She live on the east side, In this gigantic studio. 300 square feet, Ok it's small but it's still a place to go. And we'll meet up in the middle for coffee Ok I'll get a protein shake, she'll have a coffee cake And maybe she's quirky Maybe she's great Maybe I like her And maybe it's fate. Just maybe Just maybe And her schools down town, Private and pretentious. Mines uptown, Public and contentious. But we'll meet up in the middle, For dinner She'll get something an franca I'll get a PB&J And maybe she's perfect And maybe she's strange Maybe I love her But maybe that'll change Just maybe Just maybe The cliché will set in And she'll say it's not you it's me And the tribe will relapse And your love will collapse Without a second to see What happened What happened And maybe it's over And maybe she's through Maybe she moved on But you can't say the same for you Just maybe Just maybe...