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In Fantasia (Kishi Bashi)

In Fantasia the mirrors lie to us they plant a seed One by one we build an empire where devils roam and breed Fading sunsets... to forget them is the mark of death As we break in through the window Of mind and greed Darkened bridges sink away into the brackishness Swirling sin into a rainbow of atrophy When the winters help the golden autumns take it's leave Opens passages for vampires To suck and feed Kareru kareru Subetega kareteruno Fuyuno sabaku fuyuno sabaku ga hirogaru Warerano yoruga kuru warerano yoruga hajimaru Karehaga kareru warerano fuyuno sabaku Waking insights born of jealousy and faithlessness Gave us strength among the gentiles of modernity In Fantasia the spirits hide from us they cannot bleed Innocence is not a virtue in times of need Endless twilight... if only stars would show their faithful stare In this world of fading memories, we'd cease to be In Fantasia the air is dense to me it hurts to scream At windless castles in the darkness, too faint to see...