It All Began With a Burst (Kishi Bashi)

"kesa ka ni sasareta" and the sourse was your laughter threw me off the wall used your face as a mascot and the medicine came after left in a sprawl many miles from Cessna "kesa ka ni sasareta" one of many in the mess hall family there and all making money on the desktop was at war with fast cars many chemicals in the eyes of The Master Burst! (master in every way) "kesa ka ni sasareta" for the love of the soft game made of models set in plaster when in doubt of the last year gather all your fear and dip your hand in the blender / Burst! In your wallet was your gender stolen when in Rome in the shadow of your blender was a secret of the bedroom blemish in the chrome in the eye of the blender ("chiku") "kesa ka ni sasareta" It All Began With Burst now every several months and the chemicals came after it was a race to be faster quicker than the worst in the style of The Master