Wonder Woman, Wonder Me (Kishi Bashi)

when candy was a remedy, we'd make it up, we'd destroy ourselves in the yard, I held you in a wooden place, I was hungry then it was hours before it went dark oh wonder woman, wonder me you bewitched me with your gold and blue from the start "kin-kon-kan-kon kaneganaru kin-kon-kan-kon kaneganaru" when Pluto was demoted I felt a sigh of relief...i never knew why like all the things in The Quickening, we share the fallen few "...there can be only one" and when at night I'd find that silent space where I'd gouged my heart for you where dreams dwelled safe is now a dangerous place for idle thoughts anew "kin-kon-kan-kon kaneganaru kin-kon-kan-kon kaneganaru" memories are over by the desire to throw them away and into the sky bound by the Newtonian he said what goes up must always come down