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Red Lights (Catafalque)

You! The woman wandering under the red lights The sidewalks of these streets are used to your high heels Are you truly in myself or am I your other half You! The woman crying and hiding in darkness Though there is a lot loving you, why this weariness Are you truly in myself or am I your other half You must believe in me You must believe in you It is me in the clouds that are around you You're not alone! I'm alone! You are stolen from me My heart is stolen by you I'll never forget about you You are not alone! I'm alone! You! The woman embroidering and writing pain on my core My silver… my blade… You are to die for Are you truly in myself otherwise I'm your other half You can't deny the emptiness in your heart Temptation in your past You're made for love by my God and I am for you!