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Brumner (Current Swell)

I met the girl of my dreams so many times it seems she'll be the girl of my Dreams until she's mine you see but then I will get bored of her pissed off And Annoyed with her turn away after play with wich no word to say to her Cause things can only get so so good before they're bad And just like everybody else I want those things I can't have With the picking and the choosing in the end it's me who's losing No girl by my side the story of my life it seems Well thing can only get so good before it's bound to take a turn for the Worse It's understood can't always be swinging and hitting look around there's Pretty Women and they're beggin for attention but it ain't no intention of yours To have things falling right into their places another stolen glance across A sea Of distant faces the taller they say that you standing gonna bring you only Closer to the glame that's bound to burn you again and again Well you've seen the good and the bad You've seen the happy and sad You've seen the ups and the downs You've seen the smiles and the frowns Because if everyday Well the world loses space Then somebody dies and the space gets replaced Or by the baby booms Or the tornado-typhoons Will come along and spray Everybody away again