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Officer Down (Current Swell)

Well let me tell you why I dont like cops well the story starts when my boy Davers got dropped in the streets By the car that swerved to the curb and almost hit me Ya know he with he didn't and then the guy? he knew we slide? in standing two men got out and then the shit hit the fan as they ran to a man on the streets they pick him up off his feet and witnesses just standing around watching him get beat to the ground so Davers pleaded and tried to steal away from the man until his friends on the side came in and gave him a hand first one in was Rob with his right hook from way back far and layed him out over the hood of the car and everything was goin, well just as planned until the two men started screamin officer down no one knew that they were the RCMP because, they were off from duty had no uniforms or badges to see to show their true identity well Rob said they just looked like gangsters to me and beating up on society so I had to jump in to set my friends free Well how do you sleep at night I feel sorry You know that its not right to get your glory By pushing people around you put them down to the ground but everybodys got the same fuckin story about how ya done nothing for them now and how you done almost nothing for no one so get your badge and your gun and get that man on the run the one thats done nothing wrong but you dont seem to care Well it makes me so mad because it's so unfair and steady charged for assaulting an officer a middle finger thrown up into the air and now he asks to go to court and get a lawyer well in the courtroom I hope the judge speaks 'down with interegation. assault and obstruction, the charges that you're facing I should lock you up and throw away the key' and Rob said they just looked like gangsters to me gangsters to me, gangsters to me That's why I dont like cops or the RCMP those fuckin piggies are just gangsters to me, yea whatever happened to the 'serve and protect'? no no you throw your powers around and you still expect me to take it laying down down on the ground for me to take it laying down down on the ground down on the ground