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Stomach (Current Swell)

We started talking about the ocean Talking about the waves The way it feels to drop and to see The falling she said is like a calling feeling that Stomach in my cheek. Slap in the face as opened my eyes staring at my face And there's no stomach in my cheek Standing on the street Where did that girl go? Did you go back home to Mexico? I have a chance to go but now I'm standing in the Snow Yes now I'm standing in the snow One-way ticket in a bus drive to California And they all the same betwen my toe The wind blowing off to show Got a sixel from the kid next door And I got no time because I'm next in line And Iґve almost done my thing ?Now falling that women just yet? Feel my stomach in my cheek Feeling my stomach in my cheek So I'm Falling I'm Falling Falling That girl she said it's like a calling But I don't think I recognize them Anymore the faces stretches that she had before I though I came for the girl I need but instead I Found that stomach in my cheek.