Desert (Gazpacho)

Dark is full of rays and this ocean is a wave and this desert is a keyhole of passed dancing days So they're yelling out for last call and you want to comply so you fade into the background dissolve into the night Can you pull down the colossus Can you justify her scars Can you bring life to a desert can you justify her scars You can hear the breathing its an unexpected beast As the icecubes are screaming you make your retreat Come you slashers and you rippers And you wonders of the world Theres a long closed fairground And an ocean on the moon He found himself a private desert and sometimes he feels that it expands its like its got him mirrored the way it fits into his hand as if its tailored If you smash yourself against his wall then you`ll never trip You`ll never fall "Time and the hour runs through the roughest day" So you dream of lizards in fumbling foreplay And our faults are in ourselves until they are unleashed You can win all you want As long as you cheat He tries to make himself something special As he tries to make his dreams ignite He says its for Dr. Jekyll You re a witness now to his last stand you re in danger But if you smash yourself against his wall then you`ll never trip You`ll never fall eternal night can make it crucial you know you ve got to make a stand Why dont you ask the expert? Somehow it fits, he`s in command He`s been repaid he`s shut you down If you smash yourself against his wall You`ll never trip You`ll never fall You sit amidst your crayons extravagant balloon Wonder if theres someone In the ocean on the moon But the dark is full of rays And the desert is a wave And the ocean is a fishbowl With nothing on display Well everyone is bluffing Watch them reeling in And if you believe them The desert`s gonna win