Desert Flight (Gazpacho)

I feel my way Down the okra coloured day And I found a way To say goodbye to you again A hundred thousand miles I don’t know why we don’t explode With all that fuel leaking out We can be the first Tie a ribbon all ‘round the world We’ll make it a gift to us From the start with a wind-flapped officer’s scarf Like a ghost in the wind All I want is to make it so You depend on what I need Still at 70 miles an hour Daylight fading into dusk Milky temple of the night in memory of your sweet delights The cities that we fly by are like Strangers waving from a train Elevator trim the mirrors blink at every lighthouse point You’re asleep inside of me You can see the things that I can see This is everybody’s way and every day We control ourselves as every night Our hearts pound like devil drums I don’t know how they don’t explode