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Dream Of Stone (Gazpacho)

Summer nights in windows frame the moon on your face And when the night confines you in a desireless embrace. Then, if you don't believe it all the magic is dead And what becomes of little boys who're lost inside their head? Well, if you don't receive the message Then you'll know that I have failed The answer, in all honesty, is constantly in change The beauty in a desert dawn The comedy of rain Your will is gone, dreams will erase You're hanging on by your fingernails Will someone bring me back again Night never needs a reason The arrogance of love will always know That when you close your eyes The truth is shown and born To fall in love is such a dream It flies, to where it flies no one sees The darkest stone conceals a vein of gold Detest me when I'm running late A kiss of endings, kiss of hate So what becomes of all of those Who run away from home Your world keeps getting bigger And you're on your own Home to no one. You're nowhere The sandman takes you there You'll be sleeping on the pillow where night becomes her hair climbing through the button hole and falling up the stairs So go on now, sweet prince and let me lead you on Close your eyes blindly look at the sun You fall below the silver screen Of knowledge it's a perfect dream Rubicon's old bridges burn You turn, they are ablaze The great divine getting bigger tears sting your face You'll be sleeping on the other side where a smile becomes your fear Ladders lean against the wall the well water is clear Kiss it and make it better...