Tick Tock (Gazpacho)

Oceanside Ends the ride Then you fall The skies fly by You close your eyes Crystal ball You beg for time Shes china white Theres no cure Nowhere to hide Better off Where theres no geography Unseen hands will rest The true pace of time Your hear the thunder Far below The air is younger The engines cold She sells temptation What youre looking for You place your bet And cross your arms And if youre lucky The engine talks The roads a dream within a dream The world a cloud around you Wouldnt sell out Just kept on living Stayed in the fold There was no money Truth be told, he wasnt ready When she said she had to go The will was read out loud The blood and the wine Its now that Im gone That youll see where inside of me An angel watching you and me As I loved the intense light, on the other side of you Had a good look At the course of times we knew Are making you old when you try and forget then The will was read out loud A nursery rhyme When you were gone I stayed on with this hole inside of me Watching the house from the sea When he met with his memories he didnt know their names You never called Deep within his mind A city was dark from the death of his fire The will was read out loud The cruel and the kind Written in sand every day and the hole inside of me Grey as the spray of the sea Broken glass The plan has failed The silence knows A man of faith Everything that you know, what a layman will for diamonds Fell on his knees gave in the sad overload And all of the survivors shamed in the trench Scrape up whats left of his soul Of his soul, of his soul Come out of the shadows The hills are a-green Painting you a rainbow Singing you a dream Now what is pride for you It aint no good to you Youll make a substitute That lets you fly away You silence every love Yet you always starve for more Youre only wasting time Lucky to be alive Lucky to be alive Your heart was set to lose The nurse called out for blood Youre a celestial tremor Surfin on the fast-track Blue suede shoes Dancing on a landmine Designed just for you The mess youre in, oh heaven No stranger to fear It wont disappear Truth never fades away These thoughts are me And what do you think theyll do? The ground is a pendulum The continent is gravel Humming in your shoe A pendulum And who decides for us At the very end of trust The undertow of love We only turn away