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Nan (Mvula Laura)

Nan Hello? Nan Who is this? It's Laura Laura? Mhm Mhm. How are you? It's good to... Hi ...It's good to hear you Good to hear you too. How are you? Not as good as you Mmm. How is the music? Yeah, it's going OK. It's good Mhm Nearly at the end Well, we have to keep on keeping on Yeah Just keep your mind on, on the Lord Mhm I pray for you every morning I really appreciate that, Nan. I know you're thinking of me. I appreciate your prayers; really, I do Just, uh, keep yourself – you have to keep yourself in order. Keep your t'ings in order Mhm Yes Mhm Mhm. Well, write a song I can lift me spirits OK Write a song I can shake me foot OK, I'll try OK OK Love you! All right then God bless. Bye! God bless. Bye!