After Autumn (All Out War)

Born to this world, but for what? Deceit takes control, as the heavens cry. Waste of life, waste of time, nothing can be done. We were born to die, in this world, of hate and fear, doomed to a fate of a hopeless death. Say goodbye, to your hopes and dreams, because in this life, they are all destroyed. See the blood- in my eyes. Another day, another endless lie, I look ahead, but we're trapped in the past- the human race, never meant to last. The end, the end, the end...End of time, end of life, point of no return has past. Years gone by, all is lost, into the fires we're cast. No turning back, cannot be saved, the final days are here. In this world, lost with life, only ourselves to fear. Fires of hate, burning our life, destroying all it's way. All is lost, witness the end, victims of our own decay, seeking out, who's to blame? When it effects us all, spend our time, lost in life, awaiting the final, fall