Claim Your Innocence (All Out War)

Standing on the brink of extinction, but lost in our own lives. We choose, to ignore the suffering, the one truth in the age of lies. So you're the innocent? The one who shall be saved. Arrogant slave to desire, can't escape your lust for worldy gains. Self righteous keeper of forever? Just another lie. Look beyond your realm of existence, and see a world in silence slowly die. Now, down what it is. Lost in it's lost. Drown in his lies, you aren't safe. Watch it burn. Unleash the dogs of war, to devour this Earth. Feed upon the pain and suffering, our creation a worthless birth. Extinction a gift to existence, final solutions for peace. Wash away the filth and corruption, then this torment shall cease. Look into yourself, see the blood, the blood on your hand. No one is innocent, you all shall be judged. You claim your, you claim your, you claim your innocence