Hypocrites Of The Revolution (All Out War)

False revelation. A rebellion based on lies. Break down the walls. Your slogan until you get inside. Fearing the truth - it will destroy your so-called scene. So easily bought and sold, as you await the next big thing. Hypocrites - every last on of you, so afraid you can't see the truth. Your rebellion so packaged and safe, controlled by fashion and fakes. False preachers up on the stage. Social climbers who thirst for fame. They are liars, complacent, and insincere, to be called out, their one most fear. Fuck you and your scene, I'm going to watch you fall. I am your antichrist, bringing down your false safe world. I shatter the lies you embrace, and expose your heroes as fakes. I look into your eyes and all I see is fear. A coward, a failed revolutionary. More hollow than the world you hate.