Straight Towards Extinction (All Out War)

Creation falls to madness, raped by political thieves. Nations Cast to Fires, policy dictated by greed. Embrace false justice, designed to ease our fears. Immoral leaders. The end of time is here. Embrace the end, as warheads fall. Killing civilization. Radiation poisons the world. The earth is dying. Hell rages on the streets. With all our progress, to destroy all we learned. Doomsday is upon us, mass destruction on a global scale. Missiles fly - extermination. The human experiment has now failed. All of creation poisoned by chemical war. Weapons of destruction - new efficient ways to kill. Survivors live to suffer, they are condemned to life. Struggle in the aftermath. Our world has tumbled down. Cease to exist. The Destroyers have prevailed. The murderers have victory - the rule a world that's failed. Our leaders have failed us and we have failed ourselves.