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The Deceived And The Deceivers (All Out War)

Deceiver, deceiver, Spredaing lies, Preachin wisdom as they hide in their disguise. Exploitation of humankind, Don't you think we should break these chains that bind, Reality, we can't escape, When politicians decide our final fate, Revolution, who can you trust, rebellion, Not an option but a must, In the days of deceivers we have been deceived, In this time of tourment, Who can we believe it's not our leaders who we follow blind, Gotta break these chains, Gotta free our minds, As time decays and we look to our past, Years fall to waste as our leaders bask, Captive no more, revolution gain control, Mass rebellion free our minds absolution, Return to grace, lone solution, Were we born to suffer? In our lives we all seek peace But it is lost until apathy will cease, No truths are found in lies, Salvation is it lost within cries, Indifferent we have become, Change now or the worst is yet to come, Compassion, upon the weak Or we shall lie beaten in defeat