Two Thousand Years (All Out War)

Two thousand years of suffering and still the world is betrayed. Condemned by world religions. Masters of lies controlling faiths. To deceive, control and gain power is their only true aim. Choosing sides - the crescent or the cross. Using faith for their own gains. Bow down to the cross, worship based on greed, control based on fear, betrayed by their trust. For 2,000 years religious wars have destroyed lives. Feeding on the fears of the masses, these flames fueled by religious lies. See the world fall down to its knees. Betrayed by all of us. And all will suffer and the flames of war will rage. The human race betrayed by their prophets. The innocent condemned by their faith. Angels will weep. The blood of man will flood the earth. False clerics have poisoned the masses and have destroyed souls from their time of birth. These flames shall cleanse and wash the filth from the earth. The weak shall inherit a kingdom and their leaders now will burn. False prophets will drown in all their lies and they will pay for all their sins. They have abused the trust of those who follow and now their own judgment will begin. The enemy of the people and they will be cast into flame. For two thousand years they have passed false judgment. They have played God and have cast false blame.