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Get Up (Slaughterhouse)

Slaughterhouse... ... Presents The Way It began" Let's see now First thing I can remember is an evening way back The four of us was together even then And from that time on nothing was ever gonna be quit the same again Yeah, especially us G-G-God given, I'm killin' this bomb bidniz I'm calling rap that because I put my time in it I-I don't mind being ready to die as long as this is at an arena And we did it and my momma seen it This is my arm swinging and my alarm ringing Fighting against time but writing is on Singing the light on my wall or just look how the mighty have fallen You fell forward, say bye to them, say hi to Ryan mature I can't (lose) 'cause God won't let me (lose) Bet against me you can go (lose) Anybody can tell you (nah) nah I knew the cats knew I was down so I fell back Hit the ground, landed on my feet vertical, fell back too, so you can (Lose) I will never lay down and (lose), I was definitely about to (lose) Then Eminem came like ("nah") "nah" This shit is entertaining, listen to the shit they saying Venom is spraying which is why all I know is I'm on a all time ultimate high inspired by all time low How quick are you gonna get up In these days life is short, shots'a try to end you And this game is like a sport, comp'll try tro pen you I leave the stage on life support when I rock the venue If you ain't got a knife and fork you're probably on the menu If I ain't make history before I left It will be like using my last important breath before my death for snorting Meth More or less, I'm, Jordan-esque, I ignore the refs I son you like you morphed into a Orphan yes Nah, I never (lose) yeah, you said I would (lose) My destiny said (nah), homie you in a Disney Foolish as Judas, nigga you're lost Now I'm feeling like Black Jesus, wrong nigga to cross won't (lose) If I refuse to (lose) the fact that I used to (lose) is making me say ("nah") This is how we attacking it, for rappers who passionate Took the idea of a group and re-imagined it without planning it Now the whole planet has to admit that's the shit Anybody I'll invite into a crazy party Have some fun, blocking the sun with the Shady on me These women they feeling like skin, baby, they be on me My flow water for sure, I'm a great tsunami I'm with my awesome clique on another touring trip From front of the stage all the way back to the door it's thick Like secretly filming a mob, we recording hits What a fucking lifestyle, maybe that's why I'm on my dick (Lose) Man, I ain't about to (lose) I don't know how to (lose) You beating the yaowa (nah) Mr. Ortiz I got you Can't find a reason not to, my ink, take 'em to church Guess you could call it pentecostal, man Eminem told me (lose) yourself So how can I (lose) focus, you roaches In combat so war? (nah), but if y'all need me to make it clear, for no Slightly appear Like a flat in a snowstorm with no gas we ain't going nowhere We the sixty minute group, this year going to be our year! A mysterious showman of skill, imposing my will A visionary, want me with my back to the ground, I ain't with the Missionary Walk in my shoes and reap all of that gain Along with every invisible wall that accompanies fame Louis Vaton frames cover the scars that go with stardom Got enemies that I birthed these bars is for both pardon So I taught me to steal plate, they threatening me from behind a condom But you can't scream, fuck me! Then feel safe you just (lose) Some people are praying I (lose), I thought I was set up to (lose) Then Slaughterhouse came like (nah) nah So I live by a real simple philosophy If you stay grounded watch God keep giving you reasons not to begin (lose) It's not in my plan to (lose), if I still happen to (lose) Is that even possible (nah), keep that out of my reach Still I'm praying the shit get manifested Let the flow stage dive and hope for the fans to catch it If you ever aproached a fear you should understand the message The rest, what they say, is history