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Microphone (Slaughterhouse)

"The-the-the mic, the-the-the microphone" [repeat in background] [Royce Da 5'9"] Yeah, yeah... Too many Indians and no chiefs I pull out the pistol when I pull no piece I'm the blueprint - I have your clothes lookin like they was designed by bullet holes and shoe prints When I bless a joint - it's like Spock came up in the spot and grabbed the beat by the pressure point I got the voc' in touch I tell my bitch I'ma, give up drinkin when she give her emotions up Too many enemies and no killers Too many that hate snitchin but know squealers I get stacks (stacks) I blam hard with the click-clack, that Antarctica wrist wrap I spit crack for yard niggaz to get dope Y'all gotta wait for the transporter to get back So who's the illest - what you talkin 'bout? (Die Hard) like you Bruce Willis when I shoot to kill it Too many hood guys, not enough good guys The way you say pussy in plural, is puss-i I don't be fuckin around on that microphone When I'm kickin them flows on that microphone The illest nigga that's holdin that microphone I put my heart and my soul in that microphone I put it down on that (microphone) Turn up the motherfuckin sound on that microphone [Crooked I] But turn it down if you weak on that microphone Lame niggaz shouldn't speak on that microphone My ultrasounds show me holdin a microphone That's on my momma, I was born with a microphone Groupies love Crooked I on the microphone Like James Brown I'ma DIE on the microphone Too many rappers need to leave this mic alone They on the same bullshit that Mike was on You're lookin at the unseen, missin and to the unheard I kill your career with one word (Slaughterhouse!) You're verbally flirtin with murder, you got some nerve I lift your skirt like a young perv - knock 'em out! We the mob, homie who need a job? Plus I'm so fly tell Derek Fisher I need a lob Too many in this industry I need to rob And if eatin niggaz made you obese, I be The Blob! Fuck props, nigga this a different conquest Listen this hear me spittin think it's a pissing contest I'm in it for power, if cowards try to stop me they better off usin a fishin pole to reel in the Lock Ness Yes! I got a barrel that'll spot wussies If you are what you eat, how come I'm not pussy? [Joell Ortiz] You lil' niggaz better come off that microphone I'm educated but I'm dumb on that microphone Don't even bother, you'll be done on that microphone I turn a father to a son on that microphone I'm a revolver in the slum on that microphone And tell his R's I don't need no microphone Too many critics tend to be silly Too many frogs go ribbit but never leave lillies I get it poppin like a ineen milli{?} Now I'm havin a whale of a good time, I'm a (Free Willy) Y'all lip singers take a pic, click, cheese really Fans, who their man, I'm they quick pick easily None of you kids spit evenly You body my verse is like a thick bitch leavin me Ha ha, too many fantasies and no fame Too many claimin insanity and they so sane Less than wack Scooby Snack lack flow game Rappers everything I do be that crack cocaine Your career is doobie wraps, slap Joe name In any one of them verses say hello to the hearses Too many monkey see, monkey doers I slaughter pigs on my tail like Punky Brewster [Joe Budden] Niggaz know I get it in on that microphone Y'all don't know where to begin on that microphone I don't see how y'all could win on that microphone A pioneer, I set trends on that microphone Decide who you wan' be on that microphone I see a bunch of lil' me's, micro clones Too many 20 milligram Vic's I'm on Killed the web, it don't matter what site you on Save his mouth 'fore he's runnin off I tell 'em bridge or a tunnel, give a FLUCK how I come across All these wanna be tough guys, son is soft Gun go off, havin like a good show, just spun 'em off Treat old-timers like fags who drop the soap They mic got Alzheimer's, forgot that they was dope Too many dogs, not enough barkin yet Too many blueprints, not enough architects Rhyme ain't started yet, still every bar's a mess FUCK record sales or who the machine markets best I'm the last muh'fucker that y'all should test I'm the sharp shooter, you the nigga I target next Too many frontin like y'all that fly REACH it, cause we set the bar that high (FOOL) [Royce] I don't be fuckin around on that microphone [Crook] You lame niggaz shouldn't speak on that microphone [Joell] You lil' niggaz need to come off that microphone [Joe B] Niggaz know I get it in on that microphone "The-the-the mic, the-the-the microphone" [repeat to fade]