A Sky for Shoeing Horses Under (WHY?)

rain goes perfect with a nosdam mixtape the last streetlights stay on well after dawn kings fall to pawns he dropped the needle let the song say it the kind of morgue with a gong to tell you when but the room's rules will bend and the staff will make you laugh my dad wore this face in old photographs calico cats out stare me from behind a junkyard fence high on khat i let my stare go soft but pretend it's not when i'm eyed i tounge my bottom teeth and look at the sidewalk in front of me and my tennis shoes go in and out of the frame another sleuth footed empty Y walking on goose eggs in the mission swap meet brown 31 fishnet hat cocked to the right i only played chess once in my life and i lost looks like a sky for shoeing horses under looks like a good sky to die under