White English (WHY?)

Tongue gone dumb From disuse at some Numb young sea-scum’s post Bottle after bottle after bottle out sink Cold filled to the cork with uncrackable code So good through the years the knots went That it's alphabet was even forgotten Me? I’m head vessel for a fleet of tears Out on my old man’s bones parole Under sail only for a hole to hell to fill With handfuls and handfuls of loose-earned dust Or plug up level really with anything other than us And then to toss a dusty rug over-- Lost (lost lost) in translation. Lost. To a kingdom of light I wish tonight to fall witness But victim to a spite it might incite sickness I sit in and pretend and through it write hymns: Tight-limbed in white English as my one and trite business. Light as a nice fat rice sack boiled in water Out farther than the house of my father Waiting in the sitting room of yet another doctor I taste what little bitter roots this winter has to offer and Without a son or daughter to shoulder the debt Alone with the past and prone to regret Dreamt my death by a knife on a path in Burnet But under the bedspread, I’m younger than dead yet. Lost (lost lost) in translation. Lost. Even an opal heart hopes all night In the bright, biting strobe lights And bitter cold, as the living set up To a long white joke told through sun up ‘til the bones and bodies spun around them fold. Hopes all night through the old lone fight And the bright vast cold, but there’s no punch-line By this told whack joke for all one’s life is surrounded ‘til the black hole and bodies spun around it fold. Lost (lost lost) in translation. Lost. Lost (lost lost) in translation. Lost. *(Glass shatters)