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I Can See It (Streisand Barbra)

Beyond that road lies a shining world. Beyond that road lies despair. Beyond that road lies a world that's gleaming. People who are scheming. Beauty! Hunger! Glory! Sorrow! Never a pain or care. I'm liable to find a couple of surprises there. There's a song he must sing; It's a well-known song. But the tune is bitter And it doesn't take long to learn! I can learn! That pretty little world that beams so bright. That pretty little world that seems delightful Can burn! Let me learn! Let me learn! For, I can see it! Shining somewhere! Bright lights somewhere invite me to come there And learn! And I'm ready! I can hear it! Sirens singing! Inside my ear I hear them all singing Come learn! Who knows, maybe All the visions I can see May be waiting just for me To say take me there, and Make me see it! Make me feel it! I know it's so I know that it really May be! Let me learn!