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It's a New World (Streisand Barbra)

What a beautiful night, isn’t it? The smell, crickets, ah! It worries me that we are tempering with what it took three-hundred eighty million years to create. We’re being reckless with this whole miraculous balance of nature.But I have great faith in people. I believe that if they’re told, if they understand what’s at stake, they will make a change. They always have. So this is for you. You-you who have the opportunity to raise your voices and do it again. The future is in your hands... It’s a new world I see A new world for me The tears have rolled off my cheek And fears fade away Every time you speak A new world Though we’re in a tiny room What a vision of joy And blossom and bloom A new found promise One that will last So I’m holding on And I’m holding fast You bring a new world to me The way the world should be...