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Letters That Cross In The Mail (Streisand Barbra)

Last month While thinking of love I wrote him some words and mailed them away But the next day I found at my door a letter from Spain He'd sent long before And it's not read I haven't heard from you in weeks I must assume that you no longer care Too bad that's it, goodbye It's just amazing How loving can fail From letters that cross in the mail A life, a love, a chance to win it all Can pass you by, in the far gone seen And you think you'll find your fate tomorrow night And he finds somebody else in-between I sat with swords in my heart And pen in a hand I wrote I'm glad that we're through Full of hate I mailed it But then in a week a letter arrived With love did it speak I loved the tender words you sent It seems I wronged you please forgive me I'll return by ship real soon But I know now that he'll never sail Our letters will cross in the mail It's just amazing How time brings a loss And loving can fail Like letters that cross in the mail...