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Piano Practicing (Streisand Barbra)

La (29x) .. mi (29x) .. lu (29x) .. ma (29x) he (5x) .. ha (5x) .. ho (5x) .. ha (5x) he (5x) .. ho (5x) .. ha (5x) .. he (5x) .. ho (5x) ha (24x) .. , oh When I was a little girl I wanted to be a soprano But my mother said my dear you've got to practice you piano No soprano's in to man but a piano's always grand And grand pianos in a band make money darling And so each afternoon when I come home from school I practice like a bloody fool You can't imagine all the awful things I play I could never see a friend I'd have to practice without end And as the time was dripping by I watched the clock without denial I got the window on the sky I wished so tearfully that I Could come outside and play Instead of wasting every day Of learning something that Without a doubt I could have really done without It was such a bore And I could here the boy next door was having fun And that was something that I'd really never done When I was a little girl I wanted to be a soprano But I had to sit and practice on my rotten old piano Playing major scales and than I played the minors once again Now up and down the keys I play and out of these I play a tirade of all the exercises Never any new surprises Girl you keep your fingers wrong What a sound All I wanted was to sing And not to make the raftest ring With my old piano Practicing I would have popped my back I sing, I hated every minute of the keyboard I devote That is why today I'm a soprano, but the sight of a piano Makes me shot before I can not play a note