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Sweet Zoo (Streisand Barbra)

I dreamed last night that I was a tiger in the jungle But I was a big bad tiger, for a lion killed me And then I was an elephant, a great big elephant There wasn’t anything I couldn’t do Till they caught and they brought me to the zoo So I dreamed I was an alligator -Crocodile? -No, alligator! With a great big mouth And four very funny little legs Which are no good for dancing So, then I was a dancing bear And I was doing my dancing where the bears dance But I was sneezing, ‘cause I was a dancing polar bear And it was freezing Then I dreamed I was a giraffe I looked so ridiculous I wanted to laugh But giraffes can’t talk, so how can they laugh? Who ever saw a giraffe laugh? Then I woke up And I was not a tiger, or and elephant, I was not an alligator. -Crocodile? -No, alligator! I was not a dancing bear or a tall giraffe I was only me...And that’s the way I’ll be! Oh, that’s the way I’ll be I enjoy being an oyster!