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The Kind Of Man A Woman Needs (Streisand Barbra)

Handsome, no, my man ain't handsome But there's a trace of a wondrous grace In his weary face Life has done its best to break him But his strength and courage Make him just the kind of man a woman needs Tender, he ain't always tender But in his eyes something warm and wise Lifts me to the skies If his heart ain't always showing It's a comfort just to know him He' s the kind of man a woman needs Sometimes he'll grow angry At some foolish thing I do Than he'll forgive to spare me pain Times he'll know I'm troubled So he'll laugh to cheer me through Till my heart is light As Summer rain... Hmm hmm... Youthful, No, my man ain't youthful That time's gone by But his head is high And his dreams won't die Though he's had his share of sorrow He looks forward to tomorrow He's the kind of man a woman needs He's the kind of man a woman needs...